The Top 5 Most Popular Nespresso Capsules

Looking for the most popular Nespresso capsules? Below, we’ve listed the five most popular Nespresso capsules available, calculated using the total sales volume from Amazon for each type of capsule. The capsules below are listed from #1 to #5, with the top selling capsules (Ristretto) at the top of the list.

If you’ve just bought a Nespresso machine and want to sample the flavors other Nespresso coffee drinkers like the most, any of the capsules below are a great choice:


Intensity: 10/10
Size: 25mL
Price: $38 to $45 per pack of 50 capsules (Check current price on Amazon)

With an intensity rating of 10/10, Ristretto is Nespresso’s strongest espresso capsule. These capsules are the most popular Nespresso capsules on the market, with the highest rating from customers on

Ristretto capsules are made of a blend of East African and South American Arabica coffee. There is a small, complementary amount of Robusta added for flavor. This combination of coffee types gives Ristretto an intense, slightly fruity taste.

Flavor Notes: Strong taste with light hints of fruit and chocolate.

Check the current price for 50 Ristretto capsules on Amazon



Intensity: 9/10
Size: 25mL
Price: $38 to $45 per pack of 50 capsules (Check current price on Amazon)

If you prefer a slightly less intense espresso, you’ll like Arpeggio. These capsules have an intensity rating of 9/10, meaning they’re slightly less strong than the more popular Ristretto we reviewed above.

Instead of the fruity tones of the Ristretto capsules, Arpeggio coffee has slight hints of cocoa. This coffee is sourced entirely from Central and South America and roasted very intensely to bring out the complete flavors of each coffee origin.

Flavor Notes: Medium-strong espresso with light hints of cocoa.

Check the current price for 50 Arpeggio capsules on Amazon



Intensity: 6/10
Size: 40mL
Price: $40-$44 per pack of 50 capsules (Check current price on Amazon)

One of Nespresso’s Pure Origin series, Rosabaya de Colombia espresso capsules have a rich, interesting taste. These beans are grown in the mountains of Colombia and hand picked before being treated, roasted and packaged.

Rosabaya capsules have an interesting taste, with notes or red wine, berries and blackcurrants. Since these capsules aren’t as intense as most of the other Nespresso espresso capsules, they’re a good choice if you like a moderate cup of coffee to start your day.

Flavor Notes: Hints of red wing, blackcurrant, redcurrant and other berries.

Check the current price for 50 Rosabaya capsules on Amazon


Fortissio Lungo

Intensity: 8/10
Size: 110mL
Price: $36 to $45 per pack of 50 capsules (Check current price on Amazon)

If you prefer a longer cup of coffee to a short espresso, you’ll find a lot to like about the Nespresso Fortissio Lungo capsules. These capsules have a moderate intensity level and a smooth, satisfying taste.

The beans for the Fortissio Lungo capsules are sourced from Central and South America. The capsules are made up almost entirely of Arabica coffee, with a small amount of Robusta added to create extra body and a more rounded flavor.

All in all, these capsules taste excellent and are a great alternative to espresso if you prefer a longer, larger cup of coffee in the morning.

Flavor Notes: Medium-strong lungo coffee with a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans.

Check the current price for 50 Fortissio Lungo capsules on Amazon


Linizio Lungo

Intensity: 4/10
Size: 110mL
Price: $38 to $42 per pack of 50 capsules (Check current price on Amazon)

Linizio Lungo capsules are made using pure Arabica coffee sourced from South America. As these capsules produce a large 100mL coffee, they’re a great choice if you like a tall, low to medium intensity cup of coffee to start your day.

These capsules have a 4/10 intensity rating, meaning their taste is relatively light and easy to get used to. If you’re not a big espresso drinker, you’ll like the smoothness and lightness of these capsules. The flavor has hints of sugar cane and cereal, making this pleasant coffee for people who prefer subtlety to intensity.

Flavor Notes: Mild, non-intense flavor with hints of sugar cane.

Check the current price for 50 Linizio Lungo capsules on Amazon