Nespresso Capriccio Capsule Review

If you are one of those people who like to have strong-tasting coffee, but your body cannot sustain a high caffeine level, this one is the right option for you. You can keep the anxiety levels under control and still enjoy a strong espresso. Normally, the intensity of a coffee is judged on the bitterness, but here the case is different. It is extremely bitter and acidic. At first sip, it might come as a shock, as the intensity is quite low, people expect it to be a lot sweeter. The strong taste is what defines this Nespresso capsule. Most People who enjoy strong expresso, do not seem to like it.  

Nespresso Capriccio

It is made from Robusta beans from South America and Brazil. It has a cereal flavor with a 5/13 intensity level. This unique combination leads to a strong and sharp taste. I am telling you; your taste buds are not going to like it at first. Especially, the first sip comes a little too strong. The acidy taste remains in your mouth for hours. 

It has got only one star from the reviews. According to them, the espresso is not good at all. It tastes too acidic for any person to easily swallow. If you want the taste to soothe down a little bit, make a cappuccino. The milk will help in attaining a less bitter taste, but no matter what you do the acidic effect is still there. 

The aroma is quite opposite to the taste. It gives out sweet and biscuit notes. What I admire about this capsule is that it has nice foam which is somewhat sweeter as compared to the coffee itself. If you like more flavor in your coffee, this one is probably going to disappoint you. The only flavor it has to offer is in the foam. Other than that, it is just bitter and acidic. You will have a dry and unpleasant aftertaste. 

When is the perfect time to drink Nespresso Capriccio? 

If you are feeling lethargic and sleepy, the best time is early in the morning. But keep in mind that the bitterness will not go from your mouth all day long. Try drinking a lighter and sweeter capsule after drinking it. The intensity is not that high which means that it will not raise your anxiety levels. A softer capsule like Volluto will be perfect after having a cup of Nespresso Capriccio, it will help in tackling the bitterness and acidity. 

Perfect music to go with it 

What genre can go with bitter and acidic coffee? Almost any song which you do not like. If you are drinking it early in the morning, pair it with some high-beat songs to boost your energy level and have a nice kickstart to your day. 

Perfect food combination

As this capsule does not offer a lot of flavors, pair it with something which has layers of flavor like a Panettone. The orange and raisins will help in overcoming the bitterness. 


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