Nespresso Arpeggio Review

Want to have the roughest coffee of all time? Get yourself a Nespresso Arpeggio. This one is hands down the best you have ever tasted. According to ten reviews, people who used to drink rough coffee find it bitter. Even in the first sip, you are going to feel the intensity. If you have anxiety issues or strong coffee doesn’t suit you, avoid drinking it. This coffee is not for the weak. For the ones who are all in for strong coffees and bitter taste, this one is the perfect Nespresso capsule for you. I will be honest here; this one might be a little addictive. Once you have two or three cups, you will feel the urge to drink it again. 

Nespresso Arpeggio

According to the taste testers, this one has got the best taste. They have reviewed it as “pretty good” and it has got 65% of the best reviews. If you are one of those people who give the texture and presentation equal importance, you are not going to like what it looks like. It looks plain and simple. Unlike most capsules, it does not have a foamy texture.

If you have ever tasted 90% cocoa dark chocolate, you can guess the taste of Nespresso Arpeggio. It is pretty much the same. It has a light touch of cocoa and a woody taste. If we put all the capsules which we have tried, this one has got the strongest aftertaste. Even after hours, you will still have traces of bitterness in your mouth.  

When is the perfect time to drink it?  

If you are one of those people who feel extremely hard to get out of bed every morning, this should be the first thing you have after waking up. If you are prone to acidity or have stomach issues, do not use it on a daily basis. It can cause acidity if overused. If your stomach is used to having strong coffee shots early in the morning, then make this one your go-to cup of coffee. You will be surprised by how fast it acts and boosts your energy level. For sleep-deprived students or workers, this can be a savior. 

If you have problems falling asleep, try avoiding it at noon. It consists of a large amount of caffeine, which can affect your sleeping pattern.    

What is the perfect music combo?                   

For a strong coffee like this, find some similar music. Soothing and slow music won’t go with this one. Dark and bitter is the right choice for a cup of coffee like this. 

What is the perfect food choice?    

With Nespresso Arpeggio, don’t even bother eating something sweet. No matter what you eat, it is going to overcome the taste. The only thing your taste buds will endure is the bitterness, which prolongs for hours. If you still want to enjoy something with it, choose the ones which have the same taste as dark chocolate. 

What does the packaging look like?

It comes with smart packaging. You can distinguish it by the purple logo it has on the cover. There are a total of 12 capsules available in one package. 

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