Nespresso Cosi Review

Nespresso Cosi is one of the most popular capsules by Nespresso. It comes with light intensity so that you can use it on a daily basis without worrying about anything. The best part is the taste and the texture. It is perfect when it comes to taste. It has got the right amount of fruity and bitter taste. One thing which I have noticed in most of the capsules is that they do not have a balanced taste. Either they are too bitter or too sweet. For me, a perfect cup of coffee consists of the perfect combination of sweetness and bitterness. When you are able to taste both at the same time, a true coffee experience takes place. 

It comes with a perfect blend of world-renowned Arabicas – from East Africa and Latin America. These are slow-roasted in order to ensure that you are able to enjoy every flavor. In order to have the signature taste, Kenya brings the jammy ripe, red fruit notes to Costa Rica’s rich, sweet cereal base. The intensity is 4/13 with level two bitterness. The best way to enjoy this capsule is to make an espresso. If you want to enjoy a cappuccino, this one is probably not the right option. The milk will take most of the flavors away and it will taste plain. 

It has an excellent aroma and texture. When you brew a fresh cup, the upper layer is completely covered with light-colored foam. It has got the most soothing and fresh aroma. The best part is that it has an amazing aftertaste. Even after hours, you will have a fruity and cereal-like taste in your mouth. Plus, it does not have high intensity, so if you are craving another cup of coffee just go for it without thinking twice.

According to the reviews, it does not raise your acidity or anxiety levels – good news for people who have anxiety issues and still can’t stay away from having at least one cup every day. 

What is the perfect time to drink it?

You can drink a low-intensity cup of coffee like this almost any time of the day. Whether you want to have a nice touch to your lunch or want to have an energetic start to your morning, this one is definitely the right option for you. This could be the right way to end a hectic day as well. You can have a nice cup to keep you occupied while you do your favorite chores.

What is the perfect food combination?

As it does not have a strong taste, you can pair it with anything you like. Most people like to have a nice muffin or crunchy biscuits with it. Anything which you will have with your evening cup of coffee will complement it.

What is the perfect music combination?

For a sweet and fruity coffee like this, choose something which has the same effect. Hard rock music is not something that will go with the mood of this capsule.

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