Nespresso Dharkan Capsule Review

What does a perfect cup of coffee taste like? There is no definitive rule. Every single person has their own taste and like their coffee a certain way. But one thing I have noticed in all coffee lovers is the fact that they all absolutely adore Nespresso. No matter what option you are choosing, it can never go wrong. It completes your coffee craving. You can clean out your coffee maker daily, and brew fresh coffee for every cup, but I will still not be able to compete with the level of taste provided by Nespresso. 

Nespresso Dharkan

Are you in for an intense coffee experience? Because Nespresso Dharkan is here with the 11/13 intensity. As compared to the other option this one is quite bitter and intense but I think this is what coffee is all about. It is true that this one is quite bitter, but for me, I think it was pleasantly bitter. It was not too harsh on my taste buds. The most important thing I noticed was that they focused on instant taste instead of aftertaste. You might feel the burned aftertaste, but that too is a pleasant one. We have listed Nespresso Dharkan as one of the best Nespresso capsules in our list.

What does it taste like?

It is a perfect combination of Arabica beans from Latin America and Asia. Both of these are slowly roasted, for getting a much rich and better taste. As far as the taste is concerned, you will not be disappointed. If you are a caramel lover, this coffee is definitely made for you. It has got a rich caramel taste, with woody hints. To be exact, it is the perfect combination of bitterness and sweetness. If you leave it to cool down, it will get richer in taste and sweeter as well. Also, it gives out a strong caramel aroma which is going to last for hours. Normally, people like to have light weighted coffee early in the morning and heavy one in the evening while reading a book or watching their favorite movie. This one is quite heavy weighted. It might cause you a little acidity (if you are already prone to it). the texture is perfect as well. It is a bit creamier than the regular expresso but it will definitely leave a positive taste even if you are not a creamy-coffee fan. 

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Perfect time to drink it

Even though this is heavy but if you want to have a strong start to your morning, Nespresso Dharkan can be helpful. If the heaviness bothers you, you can go for a bit lighter blend. This way you will be able to enjoy the intensity and it will not feel heavy on the heart all day. 

I think the best time to drink this coffee is during the day when you are looking for one boost of energy to get your work done. As per, this one is a strong option, it will go best with some strong New York cult electro-punk duo Suicide music. This combo will definitely boost your energy and increases your endorphin levels. 

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