Nespresso Kazaar Review

Want to have a coffee that is much stronger but not as bitter? You should definitely try Nespresso. While we are discussing the strong coffee, Kazaar is definitely the one. This is the strongest Nespresso you are going to find. It comes with an intensity of 12, which is combatively much higher than the other options available. 

Nespresso Kazaar

For what I have observed, normally, when any coffee is aimed to be strong, it tends to lose all the taste. Most of the time, it feels like you are drinking a bitter solution of water, which is just making you anxious. But with Kazaar, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate experience. It is strong as well as creamy and full of taste. Do not get me wrong here; it is coffee, it is definitely going to taste bitter. But this level of bitterness is not hard on your taste buds, it is rather nice bitter and tastes exactly like any standard espresso.

Even though it tastes creamy, the color is comparatively darker. You will get dark coffee with even darker foam. Remember, while making and drinking this coffee, the whole room is going to smell like it. It has a strong smell, not bitter but intense. It works for a person like me, who prefers the nice toasty aroma. Especially in winters, it makes the whole room a lot cozier. 

One more noticeable thing is that, when you keep on drinking it, it loses the creamy part and becomes more bitter and dry with every sip. You are also going to feel the touch of woody, even a bit of caramel, notes. But if you are one of those French/Italian coffee lovers, this one will definitely work for you. Due to the long-roasted Arabica and dark roasted Robusta beans, it resembles the French/Italian. Basically, split-roasting technique is used for fully developing its aromatic potentials.

Basically, it is the combination of two Robusta from Brazil and Guatemala. Plus, Arabica from south Africa is also used. These are specifically roasted for getting the perfect Nespresso. In order to ensure the perfect combination of bitterness and creaminess, split roasting technology is used. Arabica is roasted separately for a longer period on less intensity to ensure more flavor and sweetness, whereas Robusta is roasted in high intensity to get more bitter and stronger taste. 

Any coffee maker can be used for getting a perfect cup of Nespresso Kazaar. But if you are using a VertuoLine machine, we have got bad news for you. Nespresso Kazaar is not compatible with the VertuoLine machine.

With dark and light perfect roasting, this coffee is the perfect blend with the intensity of 12/13. You will get 5 grams of roast and ground coffee in this package, with a total of 50 capsules. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this today in order to enjoy a strong cup of espresso in your lounge while enjoying your favorite tv show or while you have to stay up late to finish up your office work. 

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