Nespresso Roma Capsules Review

Feeling extremely lethargic and want something to boost your energy levels? Get a cup of Nespresso Roma. The thing I do not like about most coffees is that they have a high amount of caffeine in them. So, if you are one of those people who easily get anxious, this can be a problem. But sometimes, even anxious people need something to boost their energy level. This is the reason I like Nespresso Roma Capsule; it can help you with your energy level while keeping your anxiety level at the lowest. 

Nespresso Roma Capsule

Even though all the Nespresso capsules have their uniqueness and taste, this one really stands out. Unlike, most Nespresso capsules, this one has lower intensity. 8/13 to be exact. The intensity is not the measure of caffeine level, it is just definite the strength and bitterness level. But the common perception is that the darker/stronger the coffee is, the more caffeine it has in it. This means that this coffee is not as strong as the other options offered by Nespresso.

Strong taste

Even though this option is less intense, that doesn’t mean that it is not rich in taste. It is a blend of Central (Mexico from the Ixhuatlan region) and South American (Brazil) high-washed Arabica and Robusta coffee. Due to this amazing origin, it can offer you the creamiest texture and taste. It does not have the strongest aroma. So, if you are fond of your room smelling like coffee, every time you brew some, you are not going to like it. It is light brown in color. 

It tastes a lot more bitter than you are expecting it to be. As the color is lighter and it has got a lot of foam, people expect it to be sweeter. But it has a strong bitter taste. it will feel dry and as an aftertaste, you will have a bitter taste for long hours. When we are talking about Nespresso coffees, a woody taste is a must. But there is nothing to worry about, you will love the good foam and persistence. 

When can you enjoy it?

This can be your ultimate go-to coffee. You can enjoy it at any time of the day. The best part is that it does not feel heavy. So, even if you want to have a shot before breakfast, it will not cause any trouble. You can enjoy it while reading, working, and cleaning. This lightweight capsule is the solution to every time you feel lethargic.


This coffee is all about a soothing experience. You do not have to be specific about the environment or the music. It is made to help your nerves after having a long day. Even though it is an Italian-style coffee but you do not necessarily have to enjoy it with Eros Ramazzotti, any other soothing music will do. I find charismatic tunes by Arcade Fire perfection with this.


Roma is here to keep things simple for you. The taste is not too empowering, which means that you can enjoy it with almost anything. Just drink it with whatever you like. 

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