The Best Nespresso Pod Holders & Storage Systems

Tired of storing your Nespresso capsules in the original packaging? We know the feeling, especially if you like to keep several different varieties of Nespresso pods around the kitchen to choose from.

Luckily, there are numerous Nespresso pod holders and storage racks available to help you easily organize your Nespresso collection. We’ve listed our 10 favorites below, along with a quick review of each option and links to check pricing and availability on

Note: Our list contains five pod holders for standard Nespresso capsules, and five for the newer VertuoLine capsules. Make sure you check which type of Nespresso machine you have before you order, as the two types of pods are shaped very differently.

Need help choosing the right coffee pods for your Nespresso machine? Our list of the most popular Nespresso capsules covers the top-selling Nespresso pods on the market. We also have a detailed guide to the best capsules for lattes and cappuccinos.

Pod Holders and Storage Systems for Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules

Below, we’ve listed the top storage solutions for OriginalLine Nespresso machines. You’ll want to pick up one of these if you use an OriginalLine machine. Note that these pod holders won’t hold VertuoLine capsules.

DecoBros Crystal Tempered Glass Nespresso OriginalLine Storage Drawer

The DecoBros Crystal Tempered Glass Nespresso OriginalLine Storage Drawer is designed to sit underneath your Nespresso machine, helping you store your Nespresso capsules without adding any additional clutter to your kitchen.

Tray-style pod holders are our personal favorite, since they look stylish and offer easy access to your capsules. On average, they add about two to three inches of height to your Nespresso machine without adding too much size to the machine’s countertop footprint.

This pod holder has a tempered glass top, letting you see through the top of the holder to your Nespresso capsules. The drawer itself slides out easily and lets you access the pods in less than a second. Overall, the DecoBros drawer feels solid and durable, looks great and offers amazing value for money, considering it’s usually available for less than $30 on Amazon.

As well as the tempered glass version, there’s also a black mesh version of this storage drawer, which can be a good option if you have darker kitchen decor.

View pricing and reviews for the DecoBros Crystal Tempered Glass Nespresso OriginalLine Storage Drawer on Amazon. 

YouCopia CaféStack Nespresso Pod Organizer

The YouCopia CaféStack Nespresso Pod Organizer can store and organize up to 60 Nespresso OriginalLine capsules, divided into five vertical rows of up to 12 capsules each. While the DecoBros storage drawer sits under your Nespresso machine, the CaféStack is designed to sit beside it, kind of like a filing cabinet for your coffee pods.

Accessing your Nespresso pods is simple — just slide out the row you need and pick them out as required. Each row tilts once you’ve pulled it all the way out to make it as easy as possible for you to choose a specific type of capsule.

From a decor perspective, the YouCopia CaféStack looks great. It has a brushed silver and black plastic finish that matches the look of most of the Nespresso machines, plus a premium design that makes it appear much more expensive than its modest $30-$35 retail price.

All in all, the YouCopia CaféStack is recommended if you want a tall, thin coffee pod holder that won’t look out of place next to your Nespresso machine.

View pricing and reviews for the YouCopia CaféStack Nespresso Pod Organizer on Amazon.

OnDisplay Wall Mounted Acrylic Nespresso Coffee Capsule/Pod Holder

If you want to mount your Nespresso capsules on the wall, the OnDisplay Wall Mounted Acrylic Nespresso Coffee Capsule/Pod Holder is the option you’ll want to go for.

This wall-mounted pod storage system holds up to 40 capsules at a time in four columns, letting you easily choose from four different flavors or coffee blends with ease. The capsules are dispensed from the bottom and loaded from the top, making it easy to add new capsules as you use up the existing supply.

The OnDisplay Capsule Holder is lightweight and easy to mount, meaning you won’t need to drill any holes in your kitchen walls. Instead, some 3M mounting strips or velcro will be more than enough to keep it in place.

From an ease of use perspective, the OnDisplay Wall Mounted Acrylic Nespresso Coffee Capsule/Pod Holder gets a great score. It’s easy to fill up, easy to use and looks great, especially with a variety of coffee capsules stored inside it. Pricing is also very fair, with the capsule holder usually available for $35 or less.

View pricing and reviews for the OnDisplay Wall Mounted Acrylic Nespresso Coffee Capsule/Pod Holder on Amazon.

Lily’s Home Nespresso Coffee Capsules Holder Carousel

The Lily’s Home Nespresso Coffee Capsules Holder Carousel sits on top of your countertop and provides carousel-style access to your Nespresso capsules. This capsule holder stores up to 40 pods at once in four columns, letting you keep up to four different coffee options on your countertop at any one time.

Capsules slide into the holder from the top and dispense from the bottom. On the whole, this carousel holder is easy to use, with a sleek metal design that lets the capsules slide into place. It also has a premium look that makes it stand out on your kitchen countertop. From an aesthetic perspective, it’s a winner.

There’s only one small downside to this capsule holder, which is that the top capsules (the 10th, counting from the bottom) can occasionally pop out of the top. We usually opt to store nine capsules at a time to prevent this from happening. It’s not a big deal, but still worth knowing about.

From a pricing perspective, this is one of the best value-for-money Nespresso capsule holder on the market. The list price is under $20 and it’s often available on sale, making it a great bargain if you’re looking for a cost-effective coffee pod holder.

View pricing and reviews for the Lily’s Home Nespresso Coffee Capsules Holder Carousel on Amazon.

Coffee Keepers Hanging Nespresso Coffee Pod Holder

The Coffee Keepers Hanging Nespresso Coffee Pod Holder is a great option if you want to conserve space while storing your coffee pods within easy reach of your Nespresso machine.

This coffee pod holder mounts to the underside of your kitchen cupboards and folds away when you’re not using it, letting you hang your Nespresso capsules within easy reach and fold them away when you don’t need them. The holder has space for up to 40 pods, divided into eight rows of five pods each.

From a space-saving perspective, this is one of our favorite Nespresso capsule holder. It’s a perfect option for small apartments and other spaces where there just isn’t enough countertop space for a storage drawer or carousel-style coffee pod holder. At under $20, it’s also one of the most affordable Nespresso capsule holders on the market.

View pricing and reviews for the Coffee Keepers Hanging Nespresso Coffee Pod Holder on Amazon.

Best Nespresso VertuoLine Pod/Capsule Holders

These are the list of pod holders for Nespresso vertuoLine capsules. If you own a vertuoLine machine, you can choose from any of these Nespresso vertuo capsule holders.

  • DecoBros Tempered Glass Vertuoline Holder

This is an excellent product for storing your VertuoLine Capsules, and it is quite sturdy and efficient. The top of this pod holder is made of glass that gives it quite an elegant look. The metal legs and frame makes it strong enough to be durable and not easily breakable. The drawer which holds the coffee capsules is made of solid plastic, and you can store various types of coffee capsules in it as well. Also, it saves you a lot of space because the drawer can be set up beneath the machine. This Pod can hold on to 40 small sized capsules at once, but if you have larger pods, it will hold 20 at a time.

This pod holder is particularly useful for storing VertuoLine Capsules as there are not many options available for storing the VertuoLine Capsules. The important thing is to buy the specific model if you are looking for VertuoLine Capsules holders because the same design would be available at a lot of places, but only for Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules so better be vigilant regarding the model.


  • It can store up to 40 small sized capsules and 20 large-sized coffee capsules (large pods)
  • Goes right underneath your coffee machine, saving you bit of a space
  • The sliding drawer makes it easy to access the capsules.
  • Nifty 5515 Nespresso Vertuoline Carousel

This Vertuoline Pod Holder Carousel is a dream come true for the coffee lovers. It has excellent design, and most importantly, it is so practical. The carousel is a solution and an answer to storing your Nespresso Vertuoline Capsules correctly. You can hold up to 28 capsules in this carousel. 

The carousel is great for making selections for your flavor of the day. The tulip design of the carousel adds in to picking out the specific capsule very easily. The upright design of this pod holder is the reason for its efficient storage solution. 

The storage capacity is also great as the size is tiny, and it holds up to 28 pods at a time. It is only 6.5 inches in diameter; it is so space-saving that a much little space will be taken up by it at your countertop while it helps you to keep your countertop tidy by storing a significant amount of coffee pods. The base is also rotatable to up to 360 degrees, helping you a good deal to select your favorite flavor easily. It can save both sized Nespresso Vertuoline Pods. 

  • Mind Reader 50 Capacity Nespresso Capsule, 24 Capacity Vertuoline Coffee Pod Storage Drawer Organizer

This is another on our list of best Nespresso pod drawer, which is the answer to modern and efficient storage options. Keeping your coffee capsules safe, accessible, and neatly arranged are now really important because everyone has Nespresso machines at home these days. It can hold up to 50 Nespresso OriginalLine capsules, or you can use it to store 24 VertuoLine Coffee Capsules. You have to admire this efficient drawer for holding coffee capsules because this is a lifelong product. 

You will always need coffee and always need some place to store the pods. It is made of premium quality material with the finest attention to the little details; the strong build is great for holding your coffee capsules in a safe place. You can put this drawer underneath your coffee machine and never have to worry about it breaking from the weight of the coffee machine because it is built to last. There are five rows in the drawer, which are great for holding the favorite of your coffee capsules. The built is strong for this product, and your capsules will never be compromised even if there’s heat coming out from below the coffee machine, it will still hold your coffee capsules safely and perfectly. 

You can use it anywhere in your home or office, and it will work perfectly well everywhere else.

  • SJINC For Nespresso Coffee Pod Holder Vertuoline Pods

Another great Nespresso pod holder for VertuoLine Capsules, SJNIC is definitely on the list for Nespresso Coffee Pod Holder for Vertuoline Pods. This Pod holder has the capacity to store at least 60 of your selected coffee capsules with absolute neatness and easy access. This pod holder can also work in an office setting. The pod holder is quite easy to use, and the design is quite slim, space-saving, and efficient. It has a large capacity to store your favorite coffee capsules. It has got a smooth operation that you can easily get around. It has a small base that helps you to select the capsules you want with easy sliding technique, eventually helping you not to throw coffee capsules around and keep your countertop tidy.

The build is quite strong and durable as well; each coffee pod holder is perfectly made with stainless steel of premium quality along with the chrome finishing. It is great for keeping your countertop neat and keep your coffee capsules accessible and safe. You will absolutely love it once you start using it because you will not just save space, you will have a perfect assortment of coffee capsules all arranged in an orderly fashion as per your own choices.