Ristretto Review

Not everyone wants to have a coffee which gives the whole room a bitter effect. Every strong coffee which I have tasted is bitter and has a woody effect. Even the room starts to smell so strong, that every person that enters it can guess that you had a strong cup. The capsules which have a strong aroma, do not have a strong taste. So, if you are one of those people who would like to have a strong cup of coffee, with a nice aroma, there are very few options available. Out of all of them, Nespresso Ristretto wins fair and square. It is strong as well as gives out the nicest smell ever.

Nespresso Ristretto Review

if you are an espresso lover, you are definitely going to love this one. It is strong and dark. Do not consider it like a regular espresso you had this morning. It is the perfect mixture of sweet and bitter traces. It does not seem like regular dark plain coffee at first look. It is a lot creamier and has light colored texture. It might seem like a cappuccino, but once you have a sip, you are going to get caught off guard. It is a lot stronger and bitter than it looks. If you are one of those people who likes to have coffee first thing in the morning, it will push you out of your comfort zone. You will instantly feel the caffeine hitting you. On the positive side, you will be able to focus on your work and feel energetic all day long.

What I like most about this Nespresso capsule is that it has the most beautiful aroma. Not all expresso out there has a fruity, sweet and fresh smell. It has a thick texture as compared to regular expresso. You will have a salty aftertaste for hours. The aftertaste is similar to dark chocolate, a bit acidy and chocolaty. If you are not fond of rough coffees like me, make a cappuccino rather than drinking plain coffee. 

When is the best time to drink it?

As it is a strong coffee, try not to drink it right before bed. Especially if you have a sleeping problem. There is no particular time to enjoy this capsule. You can have it early in the morning if you want to have the rush of energy or you can have it after work to feel less tired. It is not extremely strong, which means you can enjoy it while doing the thing you love like reading or watching your favorite movie.

What is the most well-suited music for it?

Almost any music you love will go with this. But if you want the exact genre, go for intense, rough music such as Sonic Youth. 

Perfect food combo?

If you are a sweet tooth, there is some bad news for you. If you pair it with something sweet, the bitter taste is going to take over. So, it is better to pair it with something strong like dark chocolate. The taste is similar to dark chocolate, so it will turn out to be the perfect combination

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